From Here to There: Insights from Soul Forum 2018’s Executive Roundtable

Talent and innovation are critical components of businesses positively impacting society. This article sets out a research framework used to work with change, focusing on present state, future vision, and how to move from ‘here to there.’ This framework is used to structure the results of roundtable feedback from Soul of the Next Economy Forum 2018. The roundtable included discussions on the continuum of responsible business within organizations, turning ‘doing business like a Canadian’ into a competitive advantage, and practical challenges and issues as we innovate for good.

Editor’s Note: This article is published as part of the joint Soul of the Next Economy Forum (SNEF) and Western Talent & Innovation Review Special Edition. The SNE Forum is held in Calgary Alberta each fall and is where business, the non-profit sector, government, and educational institutions converge to change the way we do business and impact society. The article below was written by an attendee of the September 2018 Forum.

By Angie Redecopp and Yvonne Jeffery

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