Innovation, Entrepreneurship and CSR: Understanding and Imitating MycoRemedy

Many environmental and economic problems persist in our world today. However, these problems are easily overlooked by many organizations. MycoRemedy is an Alberta-based environmental company that provides a simple solution to a devastating problem: the remediation of contaminated and toxic oil sites. By cross-referencing several interviews/lectures, this article describes MycoRemedy and the journey of Kelcie Miller-Anderson (founder) as it relates to innovation, social entrepreneurship, and CSR.

Editor’s Note: This article is published as part of the joint Soul of the Next Economy Forum (SNEF) and Western Talent & Innovation Review Special Edition. The SNE Forum is held in Calgary Alberta each fall and is where business, the non-profit sector, government, and educational institutions converge to change the way we do business and impact society. The article below was written by an attendee of the September 2018 Forum.

By Connor Bayduza

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