Strategizing Employee Shared Ownership Plans (ESOPs) for Business Success

Canada faces great uncertainty as it moves into an untested and uncertain future. There is a definite need to rekindle the flames of innovation and assess the viability of our organizational strategies to effectively plan for the future. To see the future with new eyes to consider the advantages and pitfalls this fluid future represents. When that future arrives, it will require a strong strategic identity to form a solid foundation and develop an effective trajectory toward long-term operational success.

Canadian businesses need to pay close attention to these important steps and effectively plan to revitalize their businesses strategically and develop the best trajectory they can toward the future and enhance their commitment to effective best practices. An ESOP allows employers to collaborate with already invested and talented employees in the company, to enhance their investment of time and commitment, and build a future where they can share company success together. This paper explores the history and literature of ESOPs and outlines the journey of a company (Selkirk) that implemented ESOP into its company strategy.

By D. L. Atha

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