Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Western Talent & Innovation Review (WTIR) is an open-access, refereed journal that features articles focused on talent / innovation practices in Western Canada.

Articles will be brief, about a single idea or a single company. Initial suggested topics include:

  • What are organizations in Western Canada doing to find and retain their talent?
  • How are organizations marketing themselves to potential talent?
  • How are organizations responding to forthcoming changes to employment law (labour code changes, employment standards, decriminalization of marijuana etc.)?
  • How are organizations responding to the ups and downs of the resource based economy in Western Canada?
  • How are organizations building employee engagement, when they might not be able to guarantee longterm employment?
  • How are organizations building sustainable thriving cultures?

Technical Guidelines

To be considered for publication, all articles should conform to the following guidelines:

  • Article is written with a focus on practitioners, not academics
  • Article is written with a focus on the ideas and lessons learned, and is not a marketing/sales pitch about the company itself
  • Article is free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Article includes an abstract of less than 100 words
  • Article includes a brief (2-4 sentence) biography of the author(s). We encourage authors to include links to their LinkedIn profiles and/or other professional social media platforms in this biography.
  • Body of the article is a maximum of 5,000 words
  • Opinions of the authors are allowed, but should be noted as opinions or observations. Wherever possible, sources should be cited appropriately.
  • Sources should be cited using endnotes in the following format:
    • Author’s Name: Last, First initials, (year), Title of work. Journal vol issue (or) publisher, city, state. Page numbers
  • Subsequent citations of the same source should be:
    • Author’s Name: Last, (year), page number if a direct quotation
  • All text, including references, is written in Arial or Times New Roman font with one-inch margins
  • Tables and figures should be minimized. If required, tables and figures can be embedded in the submission document near the proposed placement. You may be required to submit those as separate files at a later date as part of the editing process.
  • See published issues for additional formatting clarifications


All articles must be submitted via as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx format)

For any technical questions or issues, please contact Tim Vanderpyl at

All articles submitted to WTIR  are done so with the understanding that all copyrights belong to the attributed author(s), who is (are) solely responsible for the content. These articles are considered to have been licensed to WTIR  under the Creative Commons “Attribution – Non Commercial – No Derivatives” License. A copy of this license can be found at

Review and Editing Process

  • All articles will be initially screened by a WTIR Editor for conformance to the above guidelines. Any articles that do not conform may be screened out at this time. The Editor’s decision is final.
  • Articles that meet the above guidelines may then be sent to at least two peer reviewers. The peer reviewers will either accept or reject the article. Comments may be provided back to the author at the discretion of the reviewer. Note that the editing process is not blind.
  • Articles accepted by the Reviewers will then be sent to a WTIR The Editor will add the article to the WTIR template and edit as s/he deems necessary. A final proof will be submitted to the author before publication.
  • Once the author approves the final draft, the article will be published in .pdf format at and shared via WTIR social media We strongly encourage the authors to share links to their articles with their social networks. We also encourage authors to share and utilize other WTIR articles as they are published.

Note that everyone associated with WTIR is volunteer at this point. As such, we will make no promises on response times. We will strive to respond to you in a timely manner.

Any published WTIR authors will be invited to future WTIR events held in Western Canada.

Submission guidelines last updated on October 18, 2017